Boutique Marketing Agency in Raleigh, NC

Unita Marketing is a boutique marketing agency based out of Raleigh, NC.

Created in 2022, we provide a personalized approach to help small to medium-sized businesses grow. Most of our efforts are centered around strengthening the online presence of our clients through search engine optimization, digital marketing, and local search marketing. Additionally, we provide paid advertising services, content development, and a wide range of general marketing services.

Strategy, Implementation & Results

At Unita Marketing, we focus equally on strategy, implementation and results. With decades of experience in the industry, we have found that in large agencies with many employees working on the same account, employees tend to focus on one aspect of the client’s marketing efforts, losing sight of the big picture. Our boutique marketing agency provides a comprehensive approach by working collaboratively with our clients to create an ongoing strategy, implement the plan, and gather/interpret the results. Our process comes full circle when we report the results to you and make recommendations for improvements in the ongoing strategy. 

Strategy Implementation Results

Customized For Your Business

We do not provide tiers of services. Instead we provide bundled services tailored specifically to meet the needs of each of our clients. Through this approach, we are able to provide each and every one of our clients with services specific to their industry in order to meet both their immediate needs and their goals for the future.  

Our boutique marketing agency most often serves Raleigh, Wake Forest, the surrounding areas, but we are also proud to work with clients all over the country.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a more personalized approach to strengthening your online presence, contact us today for a free consultation. We view each of our client relationships as partnerships and look forward to the opportunity to partner with you to help bring in those leads!

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