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Meet Rebekah Werner

Owner/Operator, Unita Marketing

Rebekah has spent over a decade in the digital marketing industry, the most recent 7 years with a local agency in Raleigh. While studying advertising and marketing in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-CH where she eventually obtained her degree, Rebekah realized she had no desire to help sell sugary cereal to children. Not sure where to foster her passion for advertising and marketing, she took on all marketing responsibilities for the gym where she was currently coaching gymnastics. This served as the perfect platform for her to learn how to design, implement and manage marketing campaigns fresh out of college.

Rebekah Werner

Down the road, Rebekah worked her way up with a small marketing agency in Raleigh where she nurtured her growing passion for helping small businesses grow. Working in a smaller-sized agency gave her the experience needed to learn every aspect of the marketing industry. After years of honing her skills as a digital marketing consultant in Raleigh, she is proud to launch her own company with a focus on custom-curated marketing services tailored specifically to the needs of each client. She views each client as an integral part of her business and takes their success as a personal responsibility. 

Rebekah, born and raised in Raleigh, NC, married her high school sweetheart and together, they are raising three daughters from their home in North Raleigh. When she’s not helping small businesses grow, she enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, paddle boarding, listening to live music, hiking, camping and all things outdoors! Rebekah also owns Unita Yoga, where she teaches private and public yoga classes all over Raleigh and Wake Forest. Whether you are looking for a little zen in your life or would like to grow your business, contact Rebekah today for a free consultation!

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